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The review process

In June 2018 the draft version of the publication was reviewed by two experts. This post includes the reviews as well as a response of the editorial committee. Main issues concerned were: the added value of co-creation, interpretation of the film essay (pamphlet), navigation, inclusion of audiovisual media, inovatiness of concluding statements, and input of Indonesian voices.

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An embodied, multivocal story of a tradition of protest

An extensive review of the publication by Henk Molenaar, former secretary of the Dutch National Research Agenda. In his review he typifies the publication an an embodied, multivocal story of a tradition of protest, and questions if it leads to new, or a different type of, knowledge. With regard to role of the journal and the editors in relation to authors and reviewers he advises the editors he advises for deeper reflection and more transparency on the process, also from the side of the editors.

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